Guild wars 2 mac beta problems

In-house we see this issue on Nvidia Macs specifically the GT and we have had it reported on a number of Nvidia Macs , What we really need to know is Is there anyone on Linux that sees this issue? We have tutorials for both Mac and Linux systems.

Guild Wars

We also understand that getting this information won't really be possible until the next Beta Weekend Event. We did not see this issue widespread but did occasionally see it in-house depending on the system we tested on. Bug number - Area around characters appears to be foggy. We did see this issue in-house, specifically on our GT Nvidia Mac and have had it reported on Linux machines as well.

Bug number - Resizing Guild Wars 2 leaves the screen white until the game is restarted. Bug number - Textures of characters appear stretched. We saw this issue on our ATI Mac in-house. This is a Mac-Only issue. We fully understand this issue and do not need screenshots or log files. We know that this key must be set specifically for the 'Gw2. We have added the key to the Tie file so that all new installs will automatically get this setting.

We did not see this in-house and need more information. Bug number - Gem store behavior is different in CrossOver than it is on Windows. We did not see this in-house probably because we didn't use this feature, we played and restarted the game ALOT and need more information. Reported resolved. Bug number - Consistent crash at the character selection screen when Guild Wars 2 is full screen. Screenshots if you have them and a log file with no flags. Bug number - Under water rendering is terrible. We see this issue in-house on our ATI Mac We have reproduced this bug in-house and have logged the provided sound clip.

We do not need any log files for this issue. Bug number - Characters or objects are rendered half and half. We have reproduced this bug in-house but would like more information. CrossOver users may see some decreased fps but until the crowd calms a bit we cannot really be sure which is to blame. We need the issues in this to be tracked within our ticket system and bug tracker so that our developers can triage the issues quickly, tracking them in the forums becomes messy very, very quickly. If you have observed this issue and would like to report it as well, please open a support ticket or send an email to info codeweavers.

Thank you! The CodeWeavers Team I have an additional bug from the one I reported in this thread yesterday. It shows the issue I already posted about, it appears that polygons from models are stretching far away from where they should be, it seems to only originate from character models.

My other issue is that shadows are blocky, and that edges of objects in front of a shadow look even worse. Running Mac OS I'm working on filing that now and I'll add it to the initial post in this thread.

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I've added this to the tips and tricks section as well, thanks again! I had serious issues with swimming underwater.

Guild Wars 2 Mac Beta Client Released

The green splotches pretty much covered my entire view. I thought it might have been the. I copied over another. Second bug I encountered was I occasionally saw faint dark lines across my screen. I'm not sure why it only happened occasionally, but I mainly seemed to notice it in Divinity's Reach.

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Wow, I have exactly the same issues. But also a bunch of other crashes with screen sizing and Gem Store display not showing. When the issue is not so bad: Our systems are kind of similar too. Let's hope the guys here can find a solution! With both Direct 9 and Modern version installed in same bottle as GW2. Bug number I encountered this bug too. It appears to be dependent on lighting. It looks like Arena Net applies a filter pixel shader?

Guild Wars 2 Mac Beta Client Released

This bug is easy to reproduce as it is observable on the character selection screen. Bug number I also encountered this bug. I have added the new registry value in my Guild Wars 2 bottle so I will be glad to test this workaround during the next beta week-end. Other graphical bugs I did not encounter any of the other currently listed graphical bugs with my system. I cannot tell for gameplay bugs as I may not have experienced these areas and stories.

[GW2] BGDM OSX Beta Installation Tutorial

Minor update: I tweaked the registry setting mentioned in the top post for the character stretching issue. It had mentioned "gw. Bug number I experience this issue within Wine, although I am not using a mac. Hello, I have exctly the same issues than "myheaditches" on a 15' MacBook Pro 2. Additionally, my girlfriend has a completely different issue on her 13' MacBookPro 2.

For the white screen issue I haven't had that in-house at all. So my girlfriend and I decided to spend our time during the stress test today screen capping all the bugs we can and get it logged in the process. We have the screen shots, but the logs we've collected have topped at around 65GB. What exactly have we done wrong? I figured I'd share some screen caps of bugs we took today: Bug Number I think this one goes here, but it was the same problem with Bug , but on land: Bug Number Bug Number Unknown Bug Odd blued textures, but there wasn't any texture stretching I believe I categorized these bugs in their respective numbers, but like I said; we had issues getting a log for them that wasn't outrageous in file size.

Anthony Ogden Posted: So my girlfriend and I decided to spend our time during the stress test today screen capping all the bugs we can and get it logged in the process. Oh WOW! You did nothing wrong I can set up FTP access for you to upload if it is individual files Both clients will update the standard install normally, so patches will work the same way with either. Players should not expect a noticeable performance difference between the two clients. While the bit client may run slightly better, the performance increase will be imperceptible—the biggest benefit will be the larger address space and the reduced chances of experiencing a crash.

More information is available in the bit client FAQ and to download it players should visit their Guild Wars 2 account page. Keeping the quality high requires the support of sponsors who are aligned with our vision of ad-free journalism content. Singapore man indicted for stealing cloud computing power for cryptomining.

Slack claims 12M daily active users and greater engagement than Microsoft Teams. The beta bit client is currently only available for Windows OS users. I just want to start off by saying i LOVE this game.

In my personal and very humble opinion it is a nearly flawless MMO and is so user friend and is so for the players with no subscription etc. I am always happy to support this game whenever I can.


Guild Wars 2 releases beta bit client, here’s how to get it - SiliconANGLE

That being said I have yet to ever become fully serious in this game because there are SO many problems with the mac client still. I know we are a minority of the player base but as an artist who only has macs I deeply appreciate the fact that you provide this game for the Mac system as there is a very small chance I will ever own a PC. Even though you allow this game on the Mac I am still shocked that it is in Beta and STILL has numerous bugs that crash my computer or if I'm lucky to force quit the game and restart it. I have the client repair in my notes ready to copy and paste because I have to use it to repair the client almost every time I log in and even then it does not always fix the problem.