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Texas is ready to break up with Will when she next sees him, but he leaves her questioning everything again by claiming to have a life-threatening aneurysm. Is he telling the truth or is this another desperate scheme? Hollyoaks airs these scenes on Thursday, April 25 at 6. Monday It's D-Day for Mercedes.

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Following instructions from Clare, Doctor Browning leaves the ransom in an Atwell's bag in the gym changing room, unaware that Leanne's identical gym bag has been left there too. Clare grabs the bag but when she opens it, it's full of sweaty gym gear. Meanwhile, with costs for the wedding spiralling out of control, Will is desperately trying to get a loan. Leanne gets home from the gym and is shocked to find her bag full of money - Clare's money. Their problems are solved. Elsewhere, Dodger is left petrified as his day takes a turn for the worst.

Tuesday Scorned and furious after missing out on the ransom money, Clare locks Mercedes in a cage and dumps her in the middle of a scrap yard, guarded by two vicious dogs.

Meanwhile, Will is faced with a life-changing dilemma, but what will he decide? Elsewhere, Tom is left petrified by rumours of Clare's return. Wednesday When Darren is distracted, Clare sneaks into the pub. Tom is terrified as he is faced with the woman of his nightmares. Will anybody come to his rescue? Meanwhile, Doctor Browning fights for his life following Clare's attack on him. Will anybody be able to save him? Elsewhere, does a concerned Leanne see through Will's intentions? Also today, has Carmel begun to see Jim in a new light? Thursday Will is having a Sylvester Stallone themed stag night.


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However, worried about what Texas is up to on her hen night, he asks her to come and meet him. Leanne has another crisis of conscience and when Will tries to talk her round, they end up kissing again and are caught red-handed by Texas. Leanne decides she has to leave, while Tex confides in Dodger that she was relieved by what she saw - she's free and it's him that she really wants. Meanwhile, Mercedes can't stop thinking about Jacqui and is wracked with guilt. Elsewhere, will Carmel be well and truly won over by Jim at last? Friday Texas is faced with a difficult decision when Will tells her that he has a life-threatening aneurism.

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But what will she choose - her head, or her heart? Meanwhile, Myra feels compelled to tell Carmel the truth, but will she break Carmel's heart? Elsewhere, Mercedes goes to extreme lengths to settle her debts with a family member. Carmel Gemma Merna is thrown when she discovers that Jim Dan Tetsell is leaving for a new job in London and is surprised by her feelings, deciding she has to stop him. She bumps into him later on and they agree to give their relationship a go.

The pair arrange a date, but Jim is preparing to hear the worst. He is then dumb-founded when she kisses him and asks him to stay in Chester. However, as viewers are aware, Carmel's mum Myra ended up in bed with Jim last week. Will she tell Carmel the truth and come between the new couple? When evil Clare Gemma Bissix misses out on getting the ransom money she has demanded for Mercy's safe return, she takes her revenge by locking the feisty McQueen in a cage surrounded by vicious dogs.

You're back on screen with a bang after a little break. How does it feel to be back? It took me a couple of weeks to warm back up again, as they always chuck me back in with a massive storyline!

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I'd been hoping that I'd get an easy ride for a month or two! I'm really enjoying it. Did you enjoy that new experience? It was very tiring, and everyone pre-warned me that I'd be ridiculously shattered. I thought I'd be fine, but they were right! It was really fun, though, and I met some great people. It was quite nice to just try something new for four weeks. It was great news to see that Clare would be coming back.

Mercedes is a proper bitch, and it's quite nice to bring one of the old-school bitches back to challenge her.

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It's been four years but nothing has changed. We have a real laugh on set and produce some really good stuff together. Mercedes just wanted to get back at Doctor Browning. She saw an opportunity to do that and wouldn't let it pass.

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  • But at the same time, there's still a part of Mercedes that wants to pay Doctor Browning back for playing games with her in Las Vegas. As bad as it is, I think she's slightly enjoying the fact that she's making him feel the pain. But in the long run, she does want to work things out with Doctor Browning. WARNING It is not the intent of the Legislature that this information be used to injure, harass, or commit a criminal act against persons named in the registry, their families, or employers. Once theres a connection, remember relationships can last from one night to a life time, Abhimanyu continues to fight in the war.

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