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As of June , Excel can handle dates as late as December 31, , regardless of which date system you use.

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The serial value of that date stores as in the date system and in the date system, with the higher value accounting for the extra four years between and Excel stores the time of day as a decimal that represents the number of seconds between midnight of the current day and the current time. Although doesn't actually qualify as a leap year, Excel counts it as one in the date system.

The first widely used spreadsheet program, Lotus , treated as a leap year to simplify calculations. For compatibility, Microsoft Excel followed the same paradigm in its first version and has maintained that date basis.

As a result, using the WEEKDAY function to calculate days of the week for dates in before March 1 yields incorrect results in Microsoft Excel worksheets built using the date system. If you wish, you can switch the date-system default to the system in Excel for Mac or to the system in Excel for Windows.


Office 2011 for Mac: Format Dates and Times in Excel

Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Mott has extensive experience writing advertising copy for everything from kitchen appliances and financial services to education and tourism. HOwever, all except one row is getting foratted and sorted. This exceptional row is left at the bottom and cannot be formatted or sorted.

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Hence remains in the bottom instead being somewhere in the middle. What could be the reason? Thanks in advance,. Thanks so much! I have been struggling with this for long time, and my project file is enormous and I have to sort and send information in excel monthly. This was a huge time saver for me. Then I click format to select how I want it to look-often just dependent on room on the page. There must be a way!

How to change American date format in Excel?

This is Excel! Should not have to reformat every single entry! I want every date in my spreadsheet to be a date, but Excel makes every date a date unless I hand-type every cell. Is there a way to set the year for the entire date column? Computers are supposed to do trivial, repetitive tasks like that in less than a second.

OH my thanks so much! This year I tried several different solutions 'out there' on several blogs. THIS is the only one that worked. I am greatly relieved. I don't understand how Microsoft can't fix this Debra, this is fantastic.

I never leave comments but I felt like I really had to for this one. It has been plaguing me for ages. Your method worked perfectly even without the time stamp. It's fast and clean. And I love your step by step screenshots that are very clear. Kudos to you.

Found this page via google search, and it was exactly the solution I needed for my problem. If you don't mind adding a new column, I found using the TEXT function will get you the converted format you want. It works for any custom format allowed by Excel. A quicker way to delete the space in front of the date for those who have very large items to format would be to use the "Find and Select" feature in the tool bar. Select the area of dates you want to change, Click the Find and Select This will remove the space in front of the dates allowing them to auto correct to your selected format!!!

I was a fundi in Excel - MS somehow have managed to mess the date formatting and we spend hours trying to figure it out instead of doing our work - what is this rubbish and what were you guys thinking - something as simple as a date format you mess with - I can only imagine how messed up the formula functions are in Office - very frustrated and disappointed!!! A little VBA code can handle this nicely. Give the range of dates you want to convert a name, either manually or by vba code.

I'm named the range "rngDates". Have to manually copy date and time daily from received and sent emails from outlook and paste in excel in columns K4:K sent and L4:L received. Would be great if a macro button is provided to convert the text date in reqd.

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Thanks in advance Debra it's a fantastic site. Value If IsDate d Then c. Hello, I have this stupid problem where I cannot change the date formatting. Can someone help me. I'm going crazy I check in google to see if I can solved my problem. I could see a lot of people has a trouble change date format but it doesn't solved mine. Here is what I already did. I copy a lot of data from several Excel.

I can send an Excel with my problem. No Formula. I first separeted the date and time, it works but change the date formatting, isn't working then save my work in HTML but it isn't working, then save in CSV, it isn't working. Dolan Antenucci Dolan Antenucci 2 2 gold badges 4 4 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges. Use the month and day fields' dropdown feature to select the zero-filled version e.

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