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To see the results of your efforts, move to another part of your document, then click once again on the Quick Parts icon, you should see the text you captured in a little window:. Clicking on the Quick Parts window with your text in it causes your text to be inserted into the document at the current position.

Recycle Text with Quick Parts and AutoText

In this case, all you have to do is press the Enter key and Word will fill in the rest of the Quick Parts text for you. You can also type in just a couple of the first characters of your Quick Parts text, and then press the F3 key, and Word will insert the Quick Parts text it thinks you want. Word does still have the old AutoText feature; to use it, follow the same path as you did with the Quick Parts , only when you get the Create New Building Block popup, instead of going with the default of Quick Parts under Gallery, instead choose AutoText:.

Then, to use it, click once again on the Quick Parts icon, then instead of choosing one of the text boxes for Quick Parts , click instead where it says AutoText , you should see a drop-down menu that looks something like this:.

25 MS Office 2016 MS Word Autotext and Quickparts

Clicking on where you see your saved text causes the text saved to be inserted into your document just as with Quick Parts. Document Property allows you to insert text with a predefined heading into your document; to see how this works, click on it, then choose one of the available titles from the popup menu. After choosing it, we get this inserted into our document:.

Then, clicking anywhere else in our document causes it to look like regular text. Grow your firm.

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By Deborah Savadra on June 28th, 11 comments. Instant access Both features provide instant access to those texts you love to recycle. One of the great features of AutoText is that, once you set an entry up, if you start typing that phrase in your document, AutoText will prompt you to see if you would like it to finish the phrase for you: Setting them up Using either feature, however, requires a little setup on your part.

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The next time you type the complete phrase, select it with your mouse: To re-use that snippet, simply go back to that menu and select that entry: Simply start a new email, type or paste in the boilerplate text you want to re-use and select the text, go to the Insert tab, click on the drop-down arrow next to Quick Parts, then click Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery: The next time you exit Word, be sure you click Save at the prompt: A few minutes a day can pay off Save a snippet here and there every day.

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